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The Avon Protection nVision is a light weight, easy to operate thermal imaging solution with options to help navigate the user through volatile situations.  This thermal imager is available in two versions, the 160x120 sensor array nVision XT, and the 320x240 nVision XTP.  Both version offer zoom and video capture capabilities, as well as video link and carrying options.

The nVision series also offers the ultimate in search and rescue with combined thermal imaging and ultrasonic tracking.  No longer confined to tracking by sight only to locate a distressed firefighter, the nVision combined with the Avon Protection EchoSeeker Ultrasonic Tracking System offers quick location by ultrasonic signal to reduce rescue time.  



Echo Seeker

EchoSeeker Handheld Red

ECHO Tracer Handheld Tracker


nVision Truck Mount

Auxillary beacon

ECHO Tracer Auxillary Beacon

pistol grip

Pistol Grip

Exit beacon

ECHO Tracer Exit Beacon