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SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

A new certification standard provides the opportunity for a completely new generation of SCBA. Introducing the Deltair SCBA by Avon Protection, the world's leader in CBRN respiratory protection equipment.

The ISI Viking Z Seven is ISI's latest advancement in SCBAs, and meets all NIOSH, CBRN and NFPA certification requirements.

The Atlantair offers a broad capability in respiratory protection, giving users exceptional operational flexibility when dealing with extreme CBRN threats.
Thermal Imaging
nVision utilizes the latest technology advancements in thermal imaging sensors. These sensors provide greater thermal sensitivity, a higher detector saturation point and a wider operating temperature range.

RIT / RIC Systems
Avon Protection offers the Rescuer System to rescue trapped, missing or lost fire fighters. You have a choice between two rescues systems: the RIC or RIT system.
Air Management
The TEAMS (Telemetry Electronic Air Management System) is a monitoring system of important information and communication between the user of the Viking Z Seven SCBA and command center.