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Accountability systems such as TEAMS are fast becoming a standard among many fire departments as they recognize the vital role these systems play in firefighter safety.


The newly updated TEAMS system monitors the vital information from the Viking Z Seven SCBA and forwards this information back to a command center where it is viewable from a laptop computer. Each firefighter is assigned a personal identification which allows the command center to display the name of the firefighter wearing a specific SCBA. Specifically, TEAMS monitors the SCBA PASS status, cylinder pressure, real time temperature, and time in fire. Alarm points are set for PASS alarm, low cylinder pressure, high heat, and time in fire. If any alarm set point is exceeded, a command center alarm will activate, displaying the type of alarm to the commander. Each command center can monitor 32 SCBAs at one time and receive updates from each SCBA every half-second. The command center can also recall individuals or do a global recall to have all firefighters evacuate to a safe area.


TEAMS repeater