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Avon proudly introduces HMK150, a revolutionary Helmet Mask Kombination System specifically designed for CBRN and Riot Control.


HMK150, One Mask, Two Modes, Seamless Protection

Avon has teamed with Schuberth to provide flawless integration of their HM50 to the Schuberth P100N Helmet.


Based on the widely deployed 50 Series mask platform, the HM system brings the pedigree of a mask proven for use in the harshest environments and is CE marked for CBRN Protection.


By a simple exchange of the harness for the helmet connecting straps, the mask converts to be compatible with a world leading Police helmet for use in non-CBRN environments which is approved to the most advanced German Police specification.  The full face respirator is connected to the helmet in seconds, as there is no need for the helmet to be removed.  Respiratory protection is seamless.

HMK150 Product Brochure download Download Product Brochure


The Avon HMK150 uses advanced technology acquired from the widely deployed 50 series to produce a full face mask that is designed and approved for dual wear modes. Dual modes allow the mask to be integrated with a standard head harness or converted to riot control mode when connected to a helmet. In riot control mode the full face respirator can be rapidly donned using fasteners which attach the full face mask directly to the Schuberth P100N Police helmet without the need to remove the helmet first. Importantly, the HMK150 system ensures the users head remains protected at all times during donning / doffing of the full face respirator whilst providing protection from riot agents when donned.

With the appropriate filter, the HM50 provides high level CBRN protection including chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals (TICS), toxic industrial materials (TIMS), biological and radiological hazards and riot agents.

(Head Harness Wear Mode)  
(Helmet Wear Mode)

Minimum Protection Factor

As per EN136                 
10000 2000

Weight (excluding filter)

605g (Small)

613g (Medium)

642g (large)


622g (Small)

630g (Medium)

659g (large)

Inhalation Resistance without filter

30 l/min
90 l/min

160 l/min

0.5 mbar

1.2 mbar

2.4 mbar

0.5 mbar

1.2 mbar

2.4 mbar 
Exhalation Resistance 160 l/min

1.6 mbar

1.7 mbar 
Field of View Visual Field Score 95 95 
Sizes Accommodates 95% of female / male population
Donning Time Within 9 seconds Within 15 seconds
Interface with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Integrates with operational clothing and personal issued items

(excluding hoods)

Direct attachment to Schuberth P100N helmet

Compatibility with Police body armour



HM50: CE Certification – Article 10 EC Type-Examination based on EN136:1998 / AC: 2003 in conformance with the PPE directive 89/686/EEC – DEKRA Exam Gmbh


HMK150: certified to the German Federal and State Police Technical Directive (TR), For a Modular System – Protective Helmet, Communication System, Respirator Mask. February 2011.


Counter Terrorism Police Riot Control
Tactical / SWAT Tactical / SWAT



Clear Outsert

Increased visor protection, prevents wear to primary polyurethane visor and increases impact resistance

Sunlight Outsert

Additional protection against high level UV light and flash flares is provided by the sunlight outsert

Vision Correction System

The unique design allows for prescription lenses to be fitted to the 50 series masks


The MILCF50 Filter is a conformal CBRN filter canister.



Filter designed to protect against all particulate hazards including dust, fume, bacteria and virus, plus riot agent CS and CN.



CTF12 Filter

A heavy duty general purpose filter for CS/CN protection

Communications Lead
Communications lead can allow connection from existing radios to the mask for optimised communication capability.

Schubert Helmet The Schuberth P100N helmet provides the latest technology to protect the wearers head. The helmet sets the highest standards for puncture, impact protection and flame resistance. Offered in a wide range of sizes the helmet can comfortably fit all head sizes.