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productimage M51

The FM51 is a variation of the latest generation Avon FM50 mask but designed specifically for combat vehicle operators by enabling vehicle respiratory and communications system integration.


Supported with a CVC hood for head and neck protection and a communications lead and hose to integrate with the vehicle’s blower and COLPRO systems, the FM51 provides the same outstanding protection from battlefield concentrations of CB agents, toxic industrial materials, chemicals and particulates.


The FM51 offers vehicle operators clear communications while wearing a mask; and an integrated Electronic Communications Port allows for direct connection to the vehicle’s radio system though a low profile communication lead.


Twin filters reduce breathing resistance and Avon’s advanced hose assembly provides direct interface with the vehicle’s air supply with a quick release connection for rapid exit.





Primary Filter Pair

Primary Filter


Voice Projection Unit w. Microphone Assembly

C50 Voice Projection Unit


Clear Outsert

Outsert clear

Sunlight Outsert

productimage outserts

BlueBlocker Outsert

Outsert blue blocker

Laser Outsert

Outsert laser

Vision Correction Assembly

Vision Correction Assembly




Storage & Carriers

Universal Carrier

Universal Carrier

Mask Carrier

Mask Carrier

Individual Equipment Carrier

Individual Equipment Carrier