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Personal Protection Equipment

With over 2 million masks fielded to Special Operations, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), U.S. Air Force Fire & Rescue, the U.K.'s Ministry of Defence, and other Allied military forces, Avon Protection Systems has been Protecting the Protectors since 1920. Click here to view our Military products  



Law EnforcementAvon Protection Systems is committed to the development of a full line of innovative, personal protective respiratory equipment to ensure that those who protect us are prepared for the most hazardous situations: High-risk SWAT operations; HazMat conditions; Decon and contaminated rescue assignments; Bomb and other secondary threat conditions.Click here to view our Law Enforcement / Homeland Security products  


IndustrialBuilding on a reputation of innovative respiratory solutions, Avon Protection Systems' industrial respiratory protection products and equipment have earned the trust and respect of those in the oil and mining industries. Click here to view our Industrial products  




  1. Fire

    For over 25 years, Avon Protection and through its acquisition of ISI has worked closely with firefighters and other fire protection professionals to understand and meet their changing personal protection equipment needs. We offer a wide selection of high-performance, timesaving respiratory protection equipment, as well as thermal imagine cameras that employ the most advanced features in the industry. Click here to view our Firefighting products  



A conformal profile general purpose military CBRN filter. Provides protection against chemical, biological warfare agents in accordance with NATO requirements. Also protects against certain toxic industrial chemicals such as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and organic vapours, with a boiling point of above 65ºC.


Filter designed to protect against all particulate, odours, biological, radiological and CS/CN challenges.


The Avon MILCF50 Filter is a CBRN filter canister designed to meet the relevant criteria specified in the NIOSH CBRN APR standard at the 15-minute classification level (Cap 1), the EUROPEAN STANDARD, EN 14387 (A1B2E1K1 P3), and the relevant criteria specified in the NATO Triptych for protection against chemical and biological warfare agents in aerosol, liquid and vapor form.

MILCF50 Thumb


Dual classification for industrial TICs & TIMs and CBRN agents. Particulate hazards including dust, mist, bacteria and virus plus all NIOSH specified CBRN gases and vapors including nerve, blood, choking and blister agents.


Approved to PPE directive 89/656/EEC by TNO Certification. The filter meets the requirements of NIOSH CBRN APR cap , EN14387, A1, B2, E1, K1 and P3. Meets NATO requirements against Chemical Warfare Agents, Hydrogen Cyanide (AC), Cyanogen Chloride (CK) and Sarin (GB).


Riot control filter for all particulate hazards including dust, mist, fume, bacteria and virus, plus riot agents, CS/CN/OC and low level organic vapours.