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Avon Protection’s “Insight CBRN” Report

Welcome to Avon Protection’s “Insight CBRN” report, produced by Avon’s CBRN consulting team.

Updated on a quarterly basis, Insight CBRN report draws upon open source Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) event reporting to provide summarised impact and analysis features together with geocoded summary and CBRN maps.


NEW! Download Insight CBRN Report - November 2016 (2.06MB)

Download Insight CBRN Report - June 2016 (1.95MB)

Download Insight CBRN Report - February 2016 (1.82MB)

Download Insight CBRN Report - December 2015 (1.75 MB)

Download Insight CBRN Report - October 2015 (2.8 MB)

Download Insight CBRN Report - August 2015 (4.4 MB)