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If so, the Avon Vision Correction Assembly allows prescription lenses to be fitted to all Avon 50 Series masks. The field-proven flexible design allows the Vision Correction Assembly to be folded inside the air purifying respirator. Lens height can be quickly and easily adjusted by the user.


ESS provides Avon 50 Series customers with a
web-based professional Rx-filling service at competitive rates. ESS utilizes high quality, shatterproof corrective lenses appropriate for use
in hazardous environments.

For added safety, it is recommended that the
optional Avon Clear Outsert (#70501-156) be
worn with 50 Series protective masks.

Why purchase Avon Vision Correction?

Contact lenses should not be worn while using an air purifying respirator.

Only Avon Vision Correction frames fit comfortably under our masks without
temple arms breaking the critical seal.

The Avon frame is height-adjustable
for a customized fit.

ESS corrective lenses have double-sided anti-reflective coatings for optimal vision from inside a protective mask.

Simple, secure online ordering process
with quick delivery.

ESS assures money-back satisfaction with your prescription lenses.



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