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With a reputation for continuously investing in product development and a heritage reaching back to 1885, Avon Protection is the known and trusted brand in CBRN respiratory protection products for air, land and sea operations.

In response to the evolving worldwide threat environment, we have expanded our services to deliver customized threat focused, end-to-end (CBRN) security solutions. Underpinned by expert analysis and operational experience, our Consultancy and Training Services deliver tailored threat analysis, pre-incident planning and incident response support, right through to the restoration of business as usual.

Protecting people, assets and reputation is at the heart of our offering, minimizing the crisis period with its associated risk, uncertainty and expense.

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Avon Protection, the only specialist CBRN consultancy company to uniquely work with insurance underwriters and re-insurers, delivers CBRN focussed pre-incident threat analysis, support and advice. These services are available as a direct consultancy client, or via our insurance partners, as part of an annual premium covering CBRN terrorism.

We deliver a broad range of risk mitigation and planning products, from delivery of staff training and the development of standard operating procedures, through to procuring CBRN detection, identification, protection and decontamination systems.

Our consultants will guide you through threat evaluation, identification of potential attack pathways, routes of entry, and the likely impact of an event, together with the consequences and possible outcomes. These key tools allows organisations to understand their vulnerabilities and deliver commercially appropriate risk reduction strategies, to minimise the probability of a CBRN event and lessen business interruption.



Avon Protection Training and Consultancy provides analysis of national security strategies, identifies current and emerging threats, and develops the understanding of current or desired capability to identify and establish nationally strategic aims and goals.

Training military CBRN specialists 

National CBRN Policy & Doctrine. The early analysis and development of CBRN policy, ensures our clients from across defense, law enforcement and the private sector are in the best position to manage, implement and sustain the full spectrum of CBRN programmes and projects:



Delivering Equipment Capability. Using the proven Concept - Assessment - Design - Manufacturing - In-Service – Disposal Cycle Avon Protection, a world leading provider of protection systems for military, law enforcement, firefighting, and industrial sectors, will manage equipment programmes and procurement projects to delivers high performance CBRN systems. Our services have been developed to deliver end to end capability from across the detect, identify, monitor, analyse, decontaminate and protect functions.



Establishing Best Practice. Prior to fielding any CBRN capability, our consultants are able to draw on extensive CBRN operational experience and apply the strategy and doctrine to ensure that best practice is adopted and imbedded into the CBRN capability. The establishment of best practice is cascaded across the organisation through the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures, Instructor Training, Maintainer Training and User Training.



Avon Protection Training and Consultancy deliver a range of bespoke courses to meet the unique demands of CBRN training. The courses draw on a wealth of expertise and knowledge developed on CBRN operations, in the most challenging of environments. Each course may be tailored to meet the needs of the client - from basic awareness for smaller organisations through to the development of specialist military or policing CBRN units, including live agent training (LAT).


For the majority of our courses, we offer 3 flexible training options:


On successful completion of the course, students will be issued with an Avon Protection Training Certificate of Competency which is valid for 2 years. All of the courses have been developed in line with the UK’s Systems Approach to Training (SAT), and are regularly validated.