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Corporate Media


• Development Of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
• Provision Of Bespoke Threat Assessments
• Bi-Monthly Global Threat Assessments
• Tailored Training Packages
• Deployable CBRN Experts
• Access To 24/7 Hotline

Avon Protection’s training and consultancy specialists work closely with our Corporate and Media clients to understand their CBRN needs, threats and requirements.  This understanding enables the development of a clear, concise and logical CBRN action plan, access to our 24/7 hotline, regular threat updates and bespoke staff training.  To compliment this advice, Avon Protection has developed close but unaffiliated relationships with several CBRN equipment manufactures and, as such, are able to provide specialist, impartial, equipment recommendations to meet client’s needs.

Support.  In order to deliver the very best support to our Corporate and Media clients, Avon Protection have developed a 4-step methodology.  This methodology, covering the full spectrum of CBRN capabilities and resilience, is tailored to meet the client’s needs, highlight CBRN threats and understand appropriate requirements.  It is fully tuneable to meet the needs and requirements of our client: 

Prepare.  Our team of expert advisors will engage across the management spectrum to develop:

• Bespoke advice & pre-incident support
• Conduct a review of existing plans or assist in the development of CBRN procedures

Prevent.  Having identified plans and potential threats, a bespoke training package will be developed.

• Staff training
• Provision of 24/7 hotline

Respond.  Our UK based response team, developed to reduce business interruption, can provide:

• A low key, fully accredited, mobile deployment solution
• On site CBRN Detection, Identification, Monitoring And Analysis (DIMA)

Recover.  Post event, our experts will assist our client in a rapid return to normality through:

• Liaison with authorities
• Post event risk management and advice

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