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Disaster Support


• Support To Contaminated Post Mortems
• CBR & Toxic Waste Monitoring
• Contaminated Body Recovery
• Ground Remediation Tasks
• Access To DNA Databases
• Disaster Support Services
• Victim Identification

Avon Protection understands the sensitivity and difficulties associated with managing any major incident or disaster, and in particular the need to rapidly identify and recover loved ones.  To support these challenging situations, Avon Protection’s service includes contamination monitoring, in-field chemical identification, contaminated and conventional disaster victim identification (DVI), the sensitive recovery and, where possible, the repatriation of contaminated bodies.  We also offer inter-agency liaison and expert advice to facilitate the return to normality.

Services.  Every major incident or disaster is unique and so is our response; Avon Protection are able to provide a range of support solutions from the deployment of a full size Specialist Response Team (SRT) through to the strategic positioning of senior advisors, to guide your board of directors through the difficult decision and events.  Our Disaster Support Services can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients:

Inform.  Whether it’s specialist advice and monitoring or the gathering of facts, Avon Protection have a solution:

• SRTs can Detect, Identify and Monitor all CBR materials and Toxic industrial Hazard (TiH).
• Advisors are adept at identifying critical information and briefing across the management spectrum.

Decide. Avon Protection’s experts will directly supports our client’s decision-making process to:

• Present the facts and identify courses of action
• Develop plans and manage expectations in order to reduce corporate and personal risk.

Act.  Our teams can deploy to manage and implement the identified course of action:

• Facilitate and manage post event operations
• Provide continuous monitoring and identification of further CBR hazards.

Recover:  Post event, our experts will assist our client in a rapid return to normality through:

• Liaison with authorities
• Post event risk management and advice

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