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Avon Protection’s training and consultancy specialists are recruited from across the command spectrum, with highly specialised operational CBRN experience drawn from the user community through to commanders and strategic advisors.  This breadth of experience makes Avon Protection uniquely placed to bridge the gap between commercial organisations and the wider military and law enforcement communities, operating within the CBRN envelope. 

Consultancy.  Our experts work closely with military and law enforcement clients, from across the public and private sectors, to develop CBRN strategy and translate it into the delivery of state of the art capability, in order to meet the demanding threat posed by CBRN in the contemporary and future operating environment.  To deliver this Avon Protection have developed the following methodology:

Understand.  In line with our client’s National Security Strategy, Avon Protection will:

• Identify and prioritise potential CBRN threats
• Understand CBRN aspirations & requirements

Develop.  Having understood the threats, aspirations and requirements our experts will:

• Formulate strategic aims & goals
• Develop sovereign CBRN capability

Establish.  Avon Protection’s consultants will utilise the Understand and Develop to:

• Identify best practice
• Establish Standard Operating Procedures

Deliver.  The Understand, Develop and Establish theory will then drive procurement:

• Self-sufficiency, through the right equipment
• Delivery of a dynamic CBRN response capability

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