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CBRN hazards, although rare, can and will have a significant impact upon corporate and travel activities, ranging from loss of life and infrastructure, through to major disruption to business plans and the denial of access.  Our experience has shown that the early identification of potential risks and issues, will afford significantly increased resilience and survivability from these rare events.  To support this, Avon Protection’s team of experts work closely with our clients to identify, and crucially mitigate, potential CBRN hazards that may impact upon your plans.

Management.  Avon Protection’s experts provide bespoke solutions to identify, understand and develop a range of risk management products.  Our risk management expertise is underpinned by operational experience, a network of open source and private intelligence sources, supported by cutting edge analytical thinking and in-depth corporate understanding.  Our range of bespoke corporate and travel Risk Management products includes:

Identify.  Avon Protection continuously observe and identify global CBRN risks, providing clients with access to:

• Provision of bi-monthly CBRN threat updates
• Identification of CBRN threats through tailored reports, available on demand

Assess.  Having identified CBRN threats and risks, Avon Protection support our clients through the:

• Writing and development of CBRN Risk Assessments
• Personalised national, regional and local travel and threat assessments

Implement.  Avon Protection works with our clients to develop their understanding of CBRN risks and hazards:

• Identification and implementation of personalised mitigation plans
• Delivery of personalised training

Support.  Our Risk Management service is supported by round the clock access to our experts:

• Access to Avon Protection’s CBRN report library
• Provision of 24/7 advice and reachback

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