Coronavirus Header FAQ


Q: Do you sell filters which provide protection against the COVID-19 Virus?

A: All filters made by Avon Protection have a minimum of NIOSH P100 level of protection against particulate exposure. This is comparable to the “P3” particulate protection rating used in Europe. This protection level equates to a particulate protection performance of ≥99.97% filter efficiency towards aerosol at approximately the most penetrating particle size. The COVID-19 virus particle is spherical, with an approximate diameter of 0.125 micrometers. This virus is close in size to the particle size used to test the efficiency of the HEPA component, in Avon Protection filters. Thus, Avon Protection filters protect with ≥99.97% efficiency against the virus.It is important to note that filters made by Avon Protection will trap the virus, not kill it. Proper disposal of a contaminated filter (not reuse) or product is required and should follow local guidelines.


Q: How long can I use my filter for and still ensure I'm protected against COVID-19?

A: Our filters will protect against particulates with >99.97% efficiency. We would recommend that you should not reuse the filters, especially if (when using CBRN filters) you would ever need gas or vapor protection. For solid particulates, the filter efficiency only improves, but breathing resistance will increase. It is also important to remember that when a filter is contaminated with COVID-19, it only traps the virus (does not destroy it), so potentially contaminated filters should be handled and disposed of with care.


Q: How do your masks protect the user and will they also stop me spreading Coronavirus if I'm infected?

A: Put simply; when used correctly, our respirators and filters protect the user by providing protection to the users respiratory tract, eyes and face against contamination by COVID-19. They will only be effective when deployed correctly as part of a wider infection control procedure. If a wearer is infected with COVID-19, our masks and respirators will not stop the wearer from potentially spreading the virus.


Q: Will the gas mask and filter that I bought from the Army Surplus store protect me from COVID-19?

A: In short, probably not. All Gas Masks (Respirators) and their component parts have a finite shelf life. Throughout any servicable Respirators life, it should also be properly serviced, cared for and regularly tested to ensure that it provides effective protection. The problem with buying masks second hand is that you will have no idea as to whether or not a mask has been properly cared for, nor whether or not it is still within its service/usable life. Ex Military filters also have a limited lifespan and in some cases have been known to contain hazardous substances such as Asbestos. It is worth also mentioning that all military mask users are extensively trained in proper care, maintenance and use of military masks and as such, untrained users may cause harm to themselves by attempting to use these systems. We would strongly recommend that members of the general public do not rely on second hand, military surplus masks or filters to protect themselves from COVID-19 and instead should follow advice provided by their local authorities.


Q: How do I clean and sanitize my mask to make sure it's safe to use again after I've used it?

A: Please refer to our "APR Disinfecting Procedure COVID-19" for advice on disinfecting our masks. Advice on how to clean our respirators is also provided in the User Instructions provided with each mask. Our APR Disinfecting procedure can be found here


Thermal Imaging

Q: Can Avon Protection thermal cameras be used to detect if someone has a COVID-19 Fever?

A: No. Our argus range of thermal cameras are designed for use in firefighting and similar applications. They are calibrated to be accurate over a very wide range of temperatures but cannot reliably detect the onset of fever.



Q: I am trying to source PPE for my Organisation. How can I buy your products?

A: Avon Protection sell PPE via a network of authorised agents and distributors around the world. To find your local agent, please visit

Please note, the majority of Avon Protection’s products are designed specifically for specialist users and First Responders; they are therefore not currently sold to the general public.