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Avon Protection introduces the Deltair®, the most innovative SCBA available, designed by firefighters for firefighters.

To meet the critical needs of the fire service, Deltair has been developed to meet and exceed the new NFPA 1981, 1982, 2013 Edition Standard on Open-Circuit Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for Emergency Services. Discover more about the new symbol of respiratory protection below.

Developed to deliver the same ruggedness and reliability that we put into all our respiratory products, Deltair has been tested to a variety of NFPA, NIOSH, and Mil Spec standards to ensure it meets and exceeds the tough demands required by the fire service.

Deltair is NFPA 1981, 1982, 2013 Edition Standard compliant and is approved for use in a CBRN environment.  The Deltair has design requirements that exceed the requirements of NFPA 1981.

We asked firefighters far and wide what they needed and wanted in a SCBA. Their input was the catalyst for the design and development of this completely new platform.

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Deltair Brochure

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please download the Deltair brochure


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  • Double curved lens
  • Optically correct lens
  • Low profile regulator further improves FOV
deltair feature 2


  • Loudest communications
  • Clearest communications
  • Most efficient operations
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  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Wide waist straps
  • Place weight over larger surface area
deltair feature 4


  • Simple single action to activate positive pressure
  • Double action required to stop the flow of air
  • Best practice for air management

Deltair has been tested to Mil Spec standards to ensure it meets and exceeds the tough demands required by the fire service.

Deltair is designed to meet and exceed the NFPA 1981, 1982, 2013 Edition Standard and is approved for use in a CBRN environment.

Technical Data Deltair Unit

SCBA Protection Factor


Weight of Mask (including second stage regulator)

1.9 lbs

Weight of SCBA (excluding mask & cylinder)

Very well equipped w/ standard CGA Hand wheel: 15.7lbs, w/ Quick Disconnect cylinder option : 16.3 lbs

Inhalation Resistance

0.4 inches of H20

Exhalation Resistance

2.5 inches of H20

Field of view


Mask Sizes

Small, Medium, Large

Donning Time

< 30 seconds

Interface with PPE

Integrates with operational clothing, personal issued items and fire helmets


  • TC-13F-0737CBRN, SC/PD/CBRN, 30 MIN, 2216 PSIG, EOSTI-33
  • TC-13F-0738CBRN, SC/PD/CBRN, 30 MIN, 4500 PSIG, EOSTI-33
  • TC-13F-0739CBRN, SC/PD/CBRN, 45 MIN, 4500 PSIG, EOSTI-33
  • TC-13F-0740CBRN, SC/PD/CBRN, 60 MIN, 4500 PSIG, EOSTI-33


2216 psi, 30 minute Carbon

4500 psi, 30 minute Carbon

4500 psi, 45 minute Carbon

4500 psi, 60 minute Carbon

4500 psi, 30 minute Carbon, Lightweight

4500 psi, 45 minute Carbon, Lightweight

4500 psi, 60 minute Carbon, Lightweight

Modal Acoustic Emission Position

  • Airline Systems

    Airline attachments with hose lengths approved up to 300'

  • Echo Series

    Ultrasonic tracking integrated into the SCBA, as well as the nVision Thermal Imager and stand alone beacons

  • Emergency Breathing Safety System (EEBS)

    NFPA 1981, 2013 compliant EBSS (Buddy Breather)

  • Eyeglass Kits

    Kit clips onto the nosecup and are fully adjustable for the user’s comfort. Available in three versions – no lens, sun lens and high contrast yellow lens.

  • Radio Interface Connection

    Positioned inside the backframe and harness for less snag hazards

  • Rescue Belt

    Integrated Rescue Belt with quick release straps to jettison the SCBA and continue with egress

  • Rescuer

    The Avon Rescuer offers the Rescuer System to rescue trapped, missing or lost fire fighters. There is a choice of three systems: the RIC, RIT, or combination system