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Breathing Made Easier

The Avon EZAir leads a new generation of NIOSH approved compact, battery powered, modular airflow units.

Designed primarily for use with Avon Protection’s class leading FM53 and C50 full-face respirator, it is substantially lighter than traditional airflow systems while still delivering a powerful flow of cooling, purified air directly to the mask.

Avon EZAir drastically reduces mask wearing fatigue while providing the ability to breathe easier through better airflow. All of which enables the wearer to last much longer in physically taxing scenarios. And, equipped with Avon’s CTF12 filter, the wearer is fully protected from non-lethal riot agents, including tear gas and pepper spray.

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Avon EZAIR brochure

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EZAir quHose

Quick Release Conformal Hose  

  • Low profile hose available
  • Integrated quick disconnect
  • Automatic hose management routes hose to the back
EZAir small

Small and Discrete

  • Virtually silent operation (<60dB)
  • Silent alarm option for stealth operation
  • As small and light as a traditional filter
EZAir extOperation

Extended Operational Time

  • > 8 hours operational time from new battery pack
  • Reduced inhalation resistance allows wearer to operate longer
  • Flow rate of 60 lpm prevents dry eye
EZAir integration

Optimized Integration

  • Removable belt
  • Integrated MOLLE panel securely mounts to other equipment
  • Press stud interface for rapid donning/doffing

The Avon EZAir is specifically designed for the targeted user groups and their unique operational requirements. Reducing breathing burden while wearing respirators was identified as a key user requirement and the Avon EZAir allows the wearer to perform their mission for longer time with less stress.


Technical Data
Blower Size Height 70mm (2.75") x
Diameter 120 mm (4.7")
Blower Weight
(no battery)
225g (0.5 lbs) Blower Weight w/ Battery (4x CR123) 345g (0.76 lbs)
Blower Interface STANAG 40mm threaded inlet and outlet connections
Flow Rate 60 lpm
Operational Noise < 60db Operational temperature -20 Celsius to +52 Celsius
Run Time Hot Swap CR123 Battery: >8 hrs continuous operation
Alarms Low battery alarm (can be programmed to be silent)
Operation Smart integrated power button. Instant press on, three second press and hold for power off.
Interface with APR 30" and 36" butyl hose with conformal quick release APR connection. Hose is chemical hardened and is supplied with mask interface adapter.
Wearer Mounting Low profile blower accepts traditional and conformal filters. Attached to belt (up to 70" waist) or MOLLE options. Nylon construction
Blower Construction Noryl body, chemical hardened EPDM interface gaskets and seals
EMI shielded MIL-STD-461 Intristically Safe No
Part Numbers 81100-19 Avon EZAir NLM System 36" Hose
81100-20 Avon EZAir NLM System 30" Hose
81100-11 Battery, Replaceable (123)
80100-10 Sweep Hose 30"
80100-11 Sweep Hose 36"
84100-10-5 Hose Cover 28" with zipper (use with 80100-10)
84100-10-4 Hose Cover 34" with zipper (use with 80100-11)
84200-11 Carrier, B/A
84200-10 Belt 60"
84200-10-2 Belt 70"
Industry Certified Protection Factors
NATO standard protection factors give reassurance that the mask has been rigorously tested to optimum levels.
C50: TC-14G-0309
FM53: TC-14G-0310

Avon EZAir is not NIOSH approved for CBRN Use