M50 | APR | Full Face Mask | Respirator | CBRN Protection

  • 0223AP EMEA WEB15 M50 Header A 1920x786 GR00000 AW1

M50 JSGPM. Protecting today’s warfighter with tomorrow’s technology.

The design and development by Avon of the M50 mask has resulted in the most advanced general service respiratory protection mask to date, offering significant improvement in comfort, usability, operational effectiveness and protection.

A revolutionary cast flexible visor offers wide, optically correct vision together with being impact and scratch resistant.

Close fitting, curved conformal filters offer improved weight distribution and reduced breathing resistance, as well as enhanced protection against toxic industrial agents. An integrated Electronic Communication Port allows for an internal microphone for communication systems. In addition, a high flow hydration connection enables quick and easy fluid intake.

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fm51 features1

Field of View

  • Panoramic single lens visor
  • Optically correct visor
  • Scratch Resistant
fm51 features2


  • Chlorobutyl rubber silicone blend mask
  • 3 face piece sizes for improved fit
  • High flow fail safe drinking device
fm51 features3


  • Front mounted exhale valve allows clear direct communication
  • Electronic Communication Port (ECP) for optional voice projection
  • Radio communications available through ECP
fm51 features4

Air Management

  • Low inhalation resistance & excellent de-mist properties
  • Heat build-up minimized
  • Low-re-breathed carbon dioxide

The M50/JSGPM (Joint Services General Purpose Mask) has been selected by the U.S. Department of Defense to replace existing respiratory protective masks used by several branches of the military.

M50 Mask Specifications
CBRN Agent Resistance  M50 Performance
Mustard (H)
Sarin (GB)
Soman (GD)
Greater than 36 hrs
Laboratory Protection
Factory Performance
(sodium chloride)
Greater than 10,000
M50 mask (including twin filters) 1.9 lbs
M50 Filter Performance
a. Nerve Agents b. Blister Agents
"G" Series Mustard
"V" Series Lewisite
Any thickened form of agent Any thickened form of agent
c. Blood Agents d. Riot Control Agents
Hydrogen Cyanide CS
Cyanogen Chloride CN
Chloropicrin OC (Pepper Spray)
Breathing Performance
Re-breathed CO2 0.8%
Inhalation resistance at:

30 L/Min
95 L/Min
160 L/Min
Mask Only:

2 mm WG
8 mm WG
12 mm WG
Mask & Filters:

10 mm WG
30 mm WG
64 mm WG
Exhalation Resistance at:
85 L/Min
160 L/Min

7 mm WG
12 mm WG
Field of View
Visual Field Score - NIOSH CBRN APR Standard 96
Test Agent
Typical Performance NIOSH CBRN
Cap 1 Requirement
Cyclohexane 15 mins >20 mins 15 mins
Hydrogen Cyanide (AC) >45 mins 15 mins
Cyanogen Chloride (CK) >45 mins 15 mins
Phosgene >100 mins 15 mins
M50 Mask Assembly
Size Part Number NSN
Small 71050/3 4240-01-512-4431
Medium 71050/2 4240-01-512-4434
Large 71050/1 4240-01-512-4437
  • BlueBlocker Outsert

    Designed for specialist use to improve weapon sighting. Delivers sharper images by filtering out specific light wavelengths. Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.

  • Clear Outsert

    Flexible polycarbonate outsert that simply attaches to 50 series masks to provide additional impact and scratch resistance in extreme environments. ...... ..... . ....... ........ ......

  • Dust / Decon Filter Covers

    Rubberised covers that fit simply over the filters to provide a shower proof protection for filters, ideal in a decontamination scenario.

  • FM61

    Low profile conformal filter with bayonet quick fit for use only with the FM50 Mask. General purpose military CBRN performance.

  • Individual Equipment Carrier

    Compliments the Mask Carrier and provides additional storage of antidotes and first aid equipment. Designed with MOLLE attachment, it offers multiple mounting options and flexible storage options.

  • Laser Outsert

    Specialist accessory for the removal of harmful laser wavelengths commonly produced by laser sighted weapons. Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.

  • Mask Carrier

    Premium accessory which provides a complete storage solution for 50 series masks with multiple wearer positions. Designed to carry the mask, filter, spare filter, manual, 2 outserts and VPU.

  • Mirrored Outsert

    Provides protection from UV light and improves contrast and depth perception. It also hides the wearer’s eyes while reflecting the surroundings to provide psychological advantages in threat situations.

  • Shade 5 Outsert

    Provides the wearer with additional eye protection when plasma arc cutting (PAC). Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.

  • Sunlight Outsert

    Additional protection against high level UV light and flash flares. Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.

  • Universal Carrier

    Storage accessory designed to accommodate any Avon mask and filter. Manufactured from polyester with a polyurethane lining for water resistance. Includes shoulder strap.

  • Vision Correction Assembly

    Enables prescription lenses to be fitted to the 50 Series masks ranging from -8 to +10 Diopters in power. Flexible design allows assembly to fold inside the mask.

  • Voice Projection Unit (VPU)

    For enhanced communication, an optional Voice Projection Unit (VPU) with internal microphone is easily connected via the Electronic Communication Port (ECP).