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M53A1 Protective Mask
One Mask, All Missions, All Environments

Based on the US Government Joint Service General Purpose (JSGPM) program, the M53A1 is designed to meet the unique requirements of Special Mission Units while providing the maximum operational flexibility.

The M53A1 was developed to counter the military unique and domestic threats encountered on the modern battlefield, global war on terrorism, and CBRN operations around the world. The M53A1 provides excellent protection against traditional chemical and biological agents, select toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and particulate matter including radioactive dust.

The M53A1 is first dual US DOD protective mask; certified to MIL-SPEC PR EA-M-10034 and NIOSH CBRN APR.

The M53A1 can function as a conventional negative pressure or air purifying respirator (APR), powered-air purifying respirator (PAPR), Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), closed-circuit breathing apparatus (CCBA) and combination SCBA and PAPR systems.

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M53A1   F B1

Field of View

  • Flexible, panoramic eyelens
  • Optically correct visor
  • Scratch resistant
  • Ballistic rated
  • Maximized compatibility with tactical gear
M53A1   F B2


  • Available in 4 sizes for custom fit
  • 5 interchangeable silicone nosecups for improved performance and comfort
  • Chlorobutyl/silicone blend ensures protection (>24 hours) and comfort
  • Low profile design for superior weapons integration; twin and single port option
M53A1   F B3


  • Electronic communication port for integrated voice projection and radio communication
  • Optional VPU provides ability to easily communicate while wearing mask
  • High flow, fail safe hydration system
  • Low Profile conformal filters
M53A1   F B4

Multiple Modes

  • Functions as both a negative and positive pressure mask
  • Simple turn of dial changes mode of operation
  • One mask for all operations and environments
  • Improved VPU; MRT>97%

M53A1 Mask Specifications

CBRN Agent Resistance M53A1 Performance

Mustard (H)
Sarin (GB)
Soman (GD)

Greater than 36 hours

Laboratory Protection
Factory Performance
(sodium chloride)

Greater than 10,000

NIOSH certified at 2000PF

Breathing Performance (excluding filter)

Re-breathed CO2


Inhalation resistance at:

85 l/Min

15 mm WG

160 l/Min

32 mm WG

Exhalation resistance negative pressure mode:

85 l/Min

15 mm WG

160 l/Min

30 mm WG

Exhalation resistance

positive pressure mode:

40 mm WG


M53A1 mask

(excluding filter)

1.6 lbs.

Field of View

Visual Field Score

- NIOSH CBRN Standard


Materials Used

M53A1 Mask Visor

Flexible polyurethane

M53A1 Mask Facepiece

Chlorobutyl/Silicone Rubber


Drinking Flow Rate

>230 ml/min


  • NIOSH CBRN APR certified TC-19992.
  • NIOSH CBRN PAPR certified TC-20223.
  • M53A1 is certified to US Military Specification PR EA-M-10006
  • BlueBlocker Outsert

    Designed for specialist use to improve weapon sighting. Delivers sharper images by filtering out specific light wavelengths. Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.

  • Clear Outsert

    Flexible polycarbonate outsert that simply attaches to 50 series masks to provide additional impact and scratch resistance in extreme environments. ...... ..... . ....... ........ ......

  • Laser Outsert

    Specialist accessory for the removal of harmful laser wavelengths commonly produced by laser sighted weapons. Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.

  • Mirrored Outsert

    Provides protection from UV light and improves contrast and depth perception. It also hides the wearer’s eyes while reflecting the surroundings to provide psychological advantages in threat situations.

  • Shade 5 Outsert

    Provides the wearer with additional eye protection when plasma arc cutting (PAC). Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.

  • Sunlight Outsert

    Additional protection against high level UV light and flash flares. Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.