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ST50 – The total respiratory protection system

The ST50 SCBA by Avon Protection System was developed as a result of extensive field research, evaluation and voice of the customer. The lightweight ST50 is a NIOSH approved, positive pressure, simple to operate, competitively priced self-contained breathing apparatus specifically designed to meet the unique and demanding requirements of Correctional facilities and Plant security. The ST50 deploys a modified, field proven PC50+ face piece that provides high performance, extreme wearer comfort, unobstructed vision and excellent communication. The small footprint, rugged compact demand valve (CDV) delivers high flow rates to the mask while the ergonomically designed back frame and harness assembly provides a comfortable and secure fit to the operator. The ST50 can accommodate 2216 psi or 4500 psi 30, 45 or 60 minute carbon cylinders incorporating a quick release cylinder band allowing for easy exchange.

By design, the ST50 is very simple to don, operate, deploy and maintain while in parallel robust enough to withstand the punishment and extreme operational requirements of Correctional Officers and Plant Security personnel. Realizing the daily budget challenges experienced by all, the ST50 SCBA has the lowest cost of ownership within the industry and is backed by a best-in-class warranty and service support program.

Ideal for: Correctional Officers, Corrections Response Teams, Special Response Teams, Plant Safety & Security Personnel and Perimeter/Border Security.

ST50 datasheet

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ST50 Savox VA 30

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  • 3 face piece sizes for improved fit
  • Chlorobutyl rubber and silicone blend mask
  • Six point, easy to adjust head harness
  • Lightweight, comfortable backframe

Air Management

  • Low inhalation resistance
  • Heat build-up minimized
  • Low-re-breathed carbon dioxide
  • Downward exhalation valve cover

Field of View

  • Panoramic single lens visor
  • Optically correct visor
  • Scratch Resistant 


  • Whistle & gauge
  • Positive pressure SCBA
  • Excellent integration w/ standard PPE ensembles & external communication options
 Mask Protection Factor  2500 Field of View
Weight (excluding filter) 550 grams (1.2 lbs) Visual Field Score > 95
SCBA Protection Factor 10,000  
Weight of SCBA (excluding mask & cylinder) 4536 grams (10 lbs)  
Inhalation Resistance without Filter Sizes
30 l/min  0.5 mbar  Accomodates 95% of the female/male population  Small
 90 l/min  1.5 mbar Medium 
 160 l/min  3.5 mbar Large 
 Exhalation Resistance  Donning Time  Within 8 seconds
 85 l/m (with CTF12 filter)  1.9 mbar  Interface with PPE  Integrates with operational clothing,
personal issued items and riot helmets


The Avon ST50 SCBA carries a NIOSH Industrial Approval under the provisions of 42 CFR 84 TC-13F in a variety of cylinder and facepiece size combinations.

NIOSH Approval

  • TC-13F-0868 30-MINUTE 2216 PSIG
  • TC-13F-0869 30-MINUTE 4500 PSIG
  • TC-13F-0870 45-MINUTE 4500 PSIG
  • TC-13F-0871 60-MINUTE 4500 PSIG

Modal Acoustic Emission Position

  • 30, 45, and 60 minute cylinders

    Avon’s complete offering of low profile, light weight compressed air cylinders include air durations of 30, 45 and 60 minutes in either 2216 psi or 4500 psi configurations. 

  • Clear Outsert

    Flexible polycarbonate outsert that simply attaches to 50 series masks to provide additional impact and scratch resistance in extreme environments. ...... ..... . ....... ........ ......

  • CSCF50

    Designed to protect against all particulate hazards including dust, fume, bacteria and virus, plus riot agent CS and CN.

    Non NIOSH

  • CTCF50

    Low profile combination filter containing a pleated high-efficiency filter element. Specifically designed for removal of riot control agents and tear gases including CS, CN and OC pepper spray.

  • Individual Equipment Carrier

    Compliments the Mask Carrier and provides additional storage of antidotes and first aid equipment. Designed with MOLLE attachment, it offers multiple mounting options and flexible storage options.

  • Mask Carrier

    Premium accessory which provides a complete storage solution for 50 series masks with multiple wearer positions. Designed to carry the mask, filter, spare filter, manual, 2 outserts and VPU.

  • Mirrored Outsert

    Provides protection from UV light and improves contrast and depth perception. It also hides the wearer’s eyes while reflecting the surroundings to provide psychological advantages in threat situations.

  • Savox VA-30 LM/VA System

    The VA30 Lapel Mic/Voice Amplifier is a robust, easy to operate affordable solution to satisfy communication requirements on the PC50 or PC50+ face pieces. 

  • Sunlight Outsert

    Additional protection against high level UV light and flash flares. Constructed from flexible polycarbonate providing additional impact and scratch resistance.

  • Universal Carrier

    Storage accessory designed to accommodate any Avon mask and filter. Manufactured from polyester with a polyurethane lining for water resistance. Includes shoulder strap.

  • Vision Correction Assembly

    Enables prescription lenses to be fitted to the 50 Series masks ranging from -8 to +10 Diopters in power. Flexible design allows assembly to fold inside the mask.