Click on the link below to download the  Mi-TIC configuration tool software.

Mi-TicConfig (v 3.00)

This software is Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible.

This latest update allows image freeze to be configured as a ‘long press’ or a ‘short press’ on either the LEFT or CENTER button.

The Mi-TIC configuration tool is essentially the user software for your Mi-TIC, it allows you to:

■ Configure your Mi-TIC’s setup, from time and date setting to selecting what onscreen info icons appear during operation
■ Change and swap the preset functions assigned to buttons to personalise and get the most from your camera
■ Customise the start up screen to contain your own logo or image

To place this on your Mi-TIC’s SD card:

■ Connect your Mi-TIC via the docking station and USB to your computer
■ Open the location of the downloaded file in Windows Explorer
■ Your Mi-TIC should have appeared on the left hand side of Windows Explorer as ‘ARGUS TIC’
■ Drag and drop the downloaded file into ‘ARGUS TIC’

If you are experiencing problems with these downloads, you can contact our technical support team by email at techservices@avon-protection.com or by contacting customer service at 888-286-6440.