Please note this software update is for a 25 µm camera.

Please click the link below to download the  Mi-TIC S and Mi-TIC E L software update.

Argus Mi-TIC S DSP 5.00 ARM 5.04

Mi-TIC S and Mi-TIC E L software update

The latest Mi-TIC S and Mi-TIC E L update from argus includes the following new features and improvements:

Heat Cold seeker (Mi-TIC S only)

■ Simultaneously use Video recording and Heat/Cold seeker.
■ Heat/Cold seeker robustness improved.


■ Support for future battery releases.

New look configuration tool 

■ The configuration tool has been updated and simplified so users can select the set-up of their camera and allocate preferred functions to different buttons.

Included in the latest update for all Mi-TIC S and Mi-TIC E L users:

Image and video capture

■ Capture up to 1000 images and 8 hours of video without affecting the NFPA compliance or the battery life.
■ Pocket clip mounting enables continuous ‘Black Box’ recording for post operation training review.
■ Video playback on the camera.

Application modes

■ Size-up mode
■ Inspection mode
■ WH mode
■ Missing persons mode
■ Heat and Cold seeker


Size-up Mode is a new mode designed for use with small fires or quick size-up from outside of the fire scene. This mode features a limited dynamic range (250°C/480˚F) so that yellow colourisation comes in earlier at 80°C (based on customer feedback).


Perfect for fully developed fires at high temperatures, Fire Mode uses the full dynamic range of the camera. Colorization starts at 150°C/300°F on a scale from yellow to red.


In Overhaul Mode the hottest part of the scene is colorized red. This mode is designed to help firefighters check for hot spots after the fire to ensure there is no chance of the fire reigniting.


A full colour scheme designed for preventative maintenance of equipment and buildings.



White Hot mode for general search applications with no heat colorization.


Optimised for maintaining high contrast while searching for people in landscapes, buildings or traffic accident scenes. Features a limited dynamic range (80˚C/180˚F) and highlights the hottest part of the scene in blue.

To perform this update:

■ Ensure your Mi-TIC shows at least 2 bars on the battery indicator
■ Connect your Mi-TIC via the docking station and USB to your computer
■ Open the the downloaded zip file in Windows Explorer
■ Your Mi-TIC should have appeared on the left hand side of Windows Explorer as ‘ARGUS TIC’
■ Drag and drop the contents of the downloaded zip file into ‘ARGUS TIC’
■ Unplug your Mi-TIC and restart the camera, the updates should have taken place during the reboot
■ To check your software update has been successful, place your Mi-TIC in the Docking Station and connect it to your PC via the provided USB cable, once connected an info screen will display on your Mi-TIC and ‘DSP’ should read 5.00 and ‘ARM’ should read 5.04.

If you are experiencing problems with these downloads, you can contact our technical support team by email at techservices@avon-protection.com or by contacting customer service at 888-286-6440.

How can I tell if I have an Ignis engine camera?

Other than the image quality improvements, the new model numbers all begin with MI-TIC-*-*. e.g. a Mi-TIC S 3 button has the model number MI-TIC-S-3. The model number is clearly displayed on the product label which is located underneath the removable battery.