P and TT Type Configuration Tool.exe (V1.10)

This software is Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible.

The new TT & P-Type configuration tool is essentially the user software for your TT/P-Type, it allows you to:

■ Lock the settings menu on the camera so the user cannot change the settings if you don’t want them to
■ Disable the on-screen display of temperature and date & time
■ Enable and disable application colour modes
■ Change lens type (P-Type)
■ Format the SD card

To place this on your TT/P-Type’s SD card:

■ Connect your P/TT Type via the supplied USB cable to your computer
■ Open the the downloaded zip file in Windows Explorer
■ Your P/TT Type should have appeared on the left hand side of Windows Explorer as ‘ARGUS TIC’
■ Drag and drop the contents of the downloaded zip file into ‘ARGUS TIC’

If you are experiencing problems with these downloads, you can contact our technical support team by email at techservices@avon-protection.com or by contacting customer service at 888-286-6440.