This software is Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible.

The update contains general software updates as well as new features, these include:


Image and video capture as standard! – All TT and P-Type cameras have image and video capture enabled as standard.

12 application color modes as standard! – A variety of colour modes designed for different applications.

Icon based menu – A language free icon based menu making the camera easy to use in any language.

Capture images in .jpg and .RAW format – Capture images in both .jpg and .RAW format for those who wish to process the image themselves from the sensor data.

Please note: Media captured prior to upgrading your camera may be unsuitable for review on your Argus P/TT Type and we recommend these are downloaded for playback on other devices.

To perform this update:

■ Ensure your P/TT Type has at least 3 bars showing on the battery indicator
■ Connect your P/TT Type via the supplied USB cable to your computer
■ Open the the downloaded zip file in Windows Explorer
■ Your P/TT Type should have appeared on the left hand side of Windows Explorer as ‘ARGUS TIC’
■ Drag and drop the contents of the downloaded zip file into ‘ARGUS TIC’
■ Unplug your P/TT Type and restart the camera, the updates should have taken place during the reboot
■ To check your update has been successful, enter the menu, navigate to ‘About…’ and the ‘DSP’ should read ‘03.02’, ‘ARM’ should read ‘03.02’ and ‘FPGA’ should read ‘006’.

If you are experiencing problems with these downloads, you can contact our technical support team by email at techservices@avon-protection.com or by contacting customer service at 888-286-6440.