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PRESS RELEASE - Avon Protection at ISDEF 2015 2-4 June 2015

Date: 21 May 2015

TAR Pavilion

With solutions for land, air and sea operations, Avon’s comprehensive range of world class PPE products including the market leading and globally acclaimed FM53 mask, the ST53 SCBA, the new CRS15 CBRN Response System and the world’s most compact NIOSH and CE certified escape hood - the NH15, will be on display.

“ISDEF provides the opportunity for global visitors to meet with Avon’s CBRN respiratory protection experts and discuss requirements for their personnel. With customers in over 60 countries, Avon has solidly established itself as a leading global brand in CBRN respiratory protection & defence system technology offering innovative Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products and services across terrestrial, aerospace and marine markets”, says Peter Slabbert, Avon’s Chief Executive.

He continues, “Avon Protection has a fast expanding global customer base across the military, law enforcement and first responder sectors. We understand the importance of protecting personnel in volatile situations and our world-leading masks and PPE products are a strong match for the threats these individuals face. ”

Avon’s Middle East Regional Sales Manager, Steve Windley, adds “Avon’s comprehensive range of products provide world-leading protection for CBRN terrorist attacks. With terrorist threats increasing worldwide, countries around the world are buying our products to ensure the very best protection for their forces.”

The new CRS15 CBRN Response System

Avon will show their new PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) kit – the CRS15. Based around the tried and tested NH15 escape hood, CRS15 pack provides equipment for comprehensive personal protection and decontamination. With a range of options to procure the kits, including options to lease or hire, this new offering from Avon provides an all-inclusive solution.

Giving comprehensive CBRN and HAZMAT support for civilians and military, the CRS15 is ideal for personal protection at major events, in riot situations, industrial or chemical incidents, and for VIP visits.

‘’This comprehensive service will give employers and security companies a cost effective means of providing comprehensive CBRN & HAZMAT protection, safeguarding the public and their employees in the current challenging environment and the threat of terrorist attack’’ De Bretton-Gordon remarks.

‘’Avon is enhancing the world leading NH 15 with a range of ensembles offering respiratory protection, suits, gloves, personal decontamination solutions and biological and explosives detection.

Personal decontamination equipment is critical – evidence shows that secondary decontamination is the biggest killer post a CBRN event and hence our individual packs cover all eventualities’’ continues De Bretton-Gordon.

AUS Dive computer

Building on their position at the forefront of life support systems, diving computer designs, advanced data handling and decompression physiology, our specialist underwater systems division, AUS, will be launching the new military-standard Dive Computer.

This next generation dive computer, with real-time data/decompression loggers and a custom interface, is fully reconfigurable allowing remote programming as requirements change, and the multiple algorithm set-up allows for end user decompression system programming.

With high resolution graphics providing enhanced resolution and backlighting for ultra-clear messaging and a long battery life, the new Dive Computer from AUS sets the standard for the military.