Follow the links below to access Software Updates for your argus range of thermal imaging camera.

P and TT Type Software Updates:

■ P and TT Type software update
■ P and TT Type configuration tool

Mi-TIC 25 µm Sensor Software Updates (P/N MI-320-n-x or MI-160-n-x): 

■ Mi-TIC S / Mi-TIC EL software update
■ Mi-TIC E and Mi-TIC 320 software update
■ Mi-TIC configuration tool (all Mi-TIC cameras)
■ Mi-TIC Splash Screen 

Mi-TIC Ignis Engine (17 µm) Software Updates (P/N MI-TIC-x-n):

■ Mi-TIC S / Mi-TIC E L software update
Mi-TIC E/ Mi-TIC 320 software update
Mi-TIC configuration tool (all Mi-TIC cameras)
■ Mi-TIC splash screen

Please note that if you are unsure if you have a 25 µm or 17 µm please review the following steps.

Please remove the battery to access the camera P/N.

If the P/N starts with “MI-TIC” then the camera is a 17 µm camera and you will  need to update the software accordingly.

If the P/N starts with “MI-320” or "MI-160" then the camera is a  25 µm camera and you will need to update the software accordingly. 

Argus4 and F Type Software Updates:

■ Argus4 and F Type user software