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PRESS RELEASE - Avon Protection Launches New Military Dive Rebreather

Date: 01 February 2018


Building on their position at the forefront of diving rebreather designs, advanced data handling  and decompression physiology, Avon Protection are proud to announce the launch of their new mine counter measures rebreather.

The MCM100 is a high performance, deep diving, air and mixed gas, electronically controlled rebreather that is designed for explosive ordnance disposal and mine countermeasures diving operations.  The MCM100 has been CE tested to 100m, which is suitable for a range of military or tactical diving disciplines such as Mine Countermeasure (MCM), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) shallow or deep, Mine Investigation and Exploration (MIE) and Special Operations Forces (SOF).

Avon have recently won their first significant order to supply a Scandinavian Military with MCM100 underwater rebreathers together with in-service support. 

Leon Klapwijk, President of Avon Protection, said, “We are extremely excited to be bring to market an underwater diving product with such high levels of innovation. Avon Protection continues to remain at the forefront of technology; we continue to meet the needs of our customers to ensure they remain protected against the continually evolving threat”.