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PRESS RELEASE: Avon Protection’s ST54 Tactical Operator SCBA receives NFPA 1986:2023 standard

Date: 08 September 2023

8 September 2023, Cadillac, MI, US: Avon Protection’s ST54 enhanced multi-mission Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) has received certification to the NFPA 1986 Standard on Respiratory Protection Equipment for Tactical and Technical Operations, including NIOSH CBRN certification.

The updated NFPA 1986:2023 standard specifies minimum requirements for the design, performance, testing and certification of SCBAs with emphasis on performance requirements, cold temperature operations, and improved testing methods.

Avon Protection’s ST54 Tactical Operator SCBA system has been developed for tactical operations where the user needs to respond to changing operational conditions. The ST54 is the base to a multi-mission respiratory protection system that provides operational flexibility to operators and mission commanders in the field for a tailored PPE response based on available intelligence.

The system provides users with a comfortable, customizable high-performance system with flame hardening, breathing performance, rough handling and passive speech in a package that is easily integrated into tactical kit profiles.

Recent improvements to the system include upgraded breathing performance (3.4L per breath at 103 litres per minute) with reduced exhalation resistance and the addition of a new clear outsert providing higher abrasion resistance.

Wearer comfort and agility in the field are maximised via the system’s ergonomic clam shell back-frame with enhanced stability and weight distribution, a new ‘drag handle’ for emergency extraction and cobra buckles for Quick Drop capability.

Pneumatic improvements include an Over Pressure Protection Device (OPPD) that protects the system from over-charging or damage, even if connected to higher pressure charging sources, and an optional remote lightning fill. Remote Dual Trans-fill located on the user’s right side of the waist belt provides a connection to rapidly trans-fill between two SCBAs (in both directions).

“As world leaders in the field of respiratory protection, it is imperative that our equipment evolves to meet the most demanding standards to keep operators safe in challenging operational environments,” Jamie Snyder, VP Commercial, Americas, Avon Protection, said. “Compliance with the NFPA 1986:2023 standard means users can head into the unknown with the assurance that their Avon Protection equipment will keep them safe for long-duration missions in extreme conditions.”