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PRESS RELEASE - Avon Protection, Team Wendy and Avon Protection Ceradyne target integration for improved soldier protection

Date: 09 October 2023

WASHINGTON D.C., US. (Oct. 9, 2023): Avon Protection, Team Wendy and Avon Protection Ceradyne are showcasing next-generation CBRN protection and ballistic head protection capabilities at AUSA 2023, with a focus on enhanced technology integration for improved soldier protection. 

On display for the first time in the U.S. will be Avon Protection’s new Modular integrated Tactical Respirator (MiTR) concept, a new type of integrated respirator system for operational applications that don’t require full CBRN protection. The low-burden, high-performance respiratory protection system has a non-traditional integrated low-profile filter, built around a next-generation positive pressure goggle. Its novel integration design enables the wearer to don the mask without removing their helmet. 

Full CBRN ensemble integration is also driving the development of Avon Protection’s first CBRN protective suit concept, designed in partnership with OPEC CBRNe. This full body garment is designed to integrate with Avon Protection’s widely deployed CBRN respiratory masks, including the M50 air purifying respirator used by the U.S. Department of Defense, and EXOSKIN CBRN boots and gloves for international military, special forces and first responder markets.  

Steve Elwell, President Avon Protection, said: “Both these new concepts are designed to challenge the traditional mix-and-match approach to protective equipment that leaves the wearer subject to certain weaknesses at the points where different systems connect such as where goggles meet the helmet, or the suit meets the gloves. In addition to delivering the highest chemical, biological and antiviral protection levels, this focus on how things work together also enhances wearer comfort even for long-duration missions."  

The MiTR and suit concept are on display alongside the full range of Team Wendy ballistic and bump helmets, including the newest EPIC line of ballistic helmets and the Avon Protection Ceradyne Next Generation Integrated Head Protection System (NG IHPS) helmet currently being delivered to the U.S. Army.  

“Across our three sister companies, Avon Protection, Team Wendy and Avon Protection Ceradyne, we have the market-leading technologies in CBRN and head protection solutions,” James Wilcox, President, Team Wendy, said. The U.S. DOD is the largest operator of our equipment, and AUSA allows us to meet with this long-time partner to showcase how we are putting integration at the heart of our developments to improve soldier comfort and protection levels.” 

Find Avon Protection, Team Wendy and Avon Protection Ceradyne on stand 1615 at AUSA 2023.