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PRESS RELEASE - One mask, two modes; a Helmet Mask Kombination built for demanding German Police standards

Date: 28 April 2014

Avon Protection will introduce HMK150, its innovative Helmet Mask Kombination System, to visitors at Counter Terror London this April. First previewed in September 2013, the product is specifically designed for CBRN Respiratory Protection and Riot Control.  

Avon has joined with the world leading German helmet manufacturer Schuberth to provide seamless integration of the Avon HM50 face mask to the Schuberth P100N Helmet. The unique piece of protective respiratory equipment combines two cutting edge products designed to extremely high standards. Based on the Avon advanced 50 Series mask platform, which is used in over 58 countries worldwide, the Helmet Mask (HM) system brings the pedigree of a face mask proven for use in the harshest CBRN environments.

In a simple exchange of the harness for the helmet connecting straps, the full face mask converts to be compatible with the world leading P100N Police helmet, approved to the most advanced German Police specification, for use in non-CBRN environments. 

Key features include its unique visor technology, air flow management, lightweight and slim profile allowing for extended operational durations and left or right filter canister mounting options minimizing shoulder mounter device interference. The product integrates with Avon’s range of advanced accessories.

John Penton, Sales Director Europe & Asia Pacific commented “We are excited to have introduced the HMK150 to the Personal Protective Equipment market. Its simple rapid donning connects the full face respirator to the helmet to deliver continuous head and respiratory protection. The HMK150 brings enhanced protection to riot control which we have not seen before.”

Avon Protection’s HMK150 will be presented in the police, military and emergency responders workshop in the CRBN stream at 1400-1425, Tuesday 29th April.