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Sofex 2016 - Avon Protection meets the new and shifting threat environment to protect assets, business and people

Date: 25 April 2016

Sofex 9-12 May 2016

Stand number C615 - US Pavillion


Avon Protection meets the new and shifting threat environment to protect assets, business and people

Avon Protection, a world leader in chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological (CBRN) respiratory protection, has provided complete solutions for air, land and sea based personnel in the military and law enforcement sectors in the Middle East for over 20 years.

The last decade has clearly demonstrated that the nature of threats to international security has changed significantly. Challenges such as terrorism, cyber-attacks and nuclear proliferation have created an entirely new security environment.

At Avon Protection we understand the threats we have today and what they mean for tomorrow. We deliver customized end-to-end security solutions and respiratory protection products, all underpinned by expert analysis, innovation and operational experience, to meet the changing CBRN threat environment.

New products for the new environment include the Avon CSPAPR™ - the newest generation of CBRN Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). Designed for use in Combination Unit Respirators (CUR’s) the CSPAPR allows the user to change levels of protection dependent on the threat, providing increased duration on-target and safer operation. The wearer can seamlessly switch between APR, PAPR and SCBA modes of protection and the modular methodology allows the user to add the Avon CSPAPR to existing fielded systems such as the FM53/4 APR and ST53 SCBA.

Avon’s ST53 combines the FM53 mask technology with an advanced modular breathing system to provide positive pressure SCBA and/or PAPR capability for specialist operations. It was developed to allow a fast response to changing operational conditions with the ability to switch between negative (filter) and positive (SCBA) pressure via a lever on the front of the mask. And by attaching a short or long duration compressed air cylinder, it is possible to enter a location on filter mode, assess the situation and change to SCBA mode if the need arises.

John Hodges, Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East, said “Avon has a strong track record of supplying respirators and breathing equipment to many of the Middle East counties over several decades. The M50 and the enhanced Special Forces M53 and its commercial variants have established themselves as the “must have” masks both in the US and internationally. In many countries we are the CBRN respiratory protection provider of choice and we continue to build business, particularly in the Middle East, with orders being placed by the Saudi Arabian Military”.

He continues, “ Our new products are all built on a modular platform with components that can be scaled up or down as the threat environment changes. They are designed to reduce the burden on the wearer through easier weapon sighting, integrated communications, and high flow-rate hydration so that the wearer can stay comfortable and effective in hot and hostile environments”.

If a breaching system is required in addition to respiratory protection, Avon’s hybrid breathing system, the Avon Shield, provides special operators with a flexible APR, PAPR, SAR and SCBA breathing system with the ability to use either a conventional rod-style or cable-style cutting torch. With the lowest cost of ownership and at half the thickness of a traditional PAPR/SCBA system, the Shield is the most compact, versatile and reliable hybrid system available.

For special forces covert surveillance and border protection the argus® P-Type thermal imaging camera detects the heat signatures of people and objects and can detect a person up to 1 mile away. The camera allows operators to scan and search large areas quickly in both daylight and night conditions, with no light cast on the user through the shuttered display.

Robust, self-contained, and simple to-operate with interchangeable lenses, the camera contains many of the most advanced features available on any thermal imaging camera.