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Core to the Mission

The Avon Protection Core Intelligent is a heated undersuit that regulates diver body temperature in all water conditions. 

The Core Intelligent Undersuit is designed specifically to combat Non-Freezing Cold Injuries and in turn, protects a diver’s operational effectiveness. This new capability is highly versatile and is employed to combat exposure in all environments, sea, air and land.

Utilizing real-time body temperature sensing, the Core Intelligent's autonomous heating zones (torso, gloves and socks), regulate a diver’s body temperature. Compatible with both wet and drysuit diving systems or for use as a surface under-garment (small boat work etc.).

Core Intelligent’s capability is the result of close collaboration with key military users and our partnership with market leading industry manufacturer Santi.

Core Intelligent Undersuit - full Undersuit
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Intelligent System

  • Efficient use of battery.
  • Autonomous heating zones for torso, gloves & socks.
  • Optimized heating control via temperature sensor. 
  • Integrated over-temp & over-current fail-safes.
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Ease of Ownership

  • Maintains diver capability.
  • Ready to deploy quickly.
  • Underwater vehicle connector option.
  • Test tools option.

Core Intelligent Undersuit - full Undersuit angled 


Fabric Performance

  • Machine washable.
  • High performance insulator.
  • Efficient moisture wicking.
  • Highly durable against snagging & pilling.
Core Intelligent Undersuit - glove and sock



  • Lightweight: 27kg (9.410lbs).
  • Detachable gloves & socks (S - XXL).
  • Zone layout reduces risk of overlapping & overheating.
  • Maintains diver dexterity & maneuverability.


Coverage and Setpoints  The sock heating element covers the top and bottom of the foot and toes.  
The setpoint of the sock is 27°C +/-1°C.  
The glove heating element covers the palm, heel pad, back of the hand, thumb and fingers. 
The setpoint of the glove is 19°C +/-1°C.  
The torso is split into three panels each containing a heating element, the heating elements cover the chest, sides and back.  
The setpoint of the torso panels is 39°C +/-1°C.  
Zone Autonomy and Power  Each heating zone operates independently and is not affected by the condition of any other zone.
The Garment provides the following wattage to each zone: 
Hand:  36 Watts per hand (Back - 15 Watts, Palm – 21 Watts). 
Sock:   14.4 Watts per foot. 
Torso:  36 Watts left side, 36 Watts right side. 
Operating Temperatures

Storage Temperature (hard case)
Air: -2° to 48.8°C (28° to 120°F)  
Water: -2° to 21° C (28° to 70°F) 

-31° to 54°C (-24° to 130°F)
Supply Connector & Voltage  Supply connector: A single wet mate-able connector with embedded power indicator external to the suit and visible to the diver is present to disconnect the system from the power supply. 
Supply voltage: 7V max, 6V nominal 
XBS in open case