Avon Protection's Materials Innovation experts, formerly known as ARTIS, are a vital part of our business. They lead materials development and characterisation in support of new product development, as well as identify and investigate material technologies that may be relevant to future product applications. Our scientists conduct vigorous testing and analysis to ensure materials and products comply with international standards and customer specifications, offering essential support to production and contributing to the maintenance of our product portfolios.

Beyond supporting our own product development, our experts also provide material development, characterisation and analysis services to external businesses from a broad range of industry sectors, helping them understand and improve material performance in real-life applications and manufacturing processes within our ISO 9001 accredited laboratory. This maintains close links with industry where cross-over technologies can be relevant to our own material development needs. 

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With our investment in state-of-the-art facilities and experienced scientists, we can give you the answers you need. We offer a fast, cost-effective, service for resolving failure issues associated with polymeric materials. Our wealth of experience and comprehensive understanding of underlying mechanisms of degradation, allow us to accurately and efficiently pinpoint the origin of the issue.

Our extensively equipped analytical facility has been tailored for the analysis of polymeric materials, which is paired with our highly experienced scientists in order to give our customers the answers they require and robust solutions to improve product perforce.



We can help you at any stage of the material testing life-cycle, helping you to get the best results in the most cost-effective way.

We offer a comprehensive testing service for elastomeric and polymeric materials from standard testing conducted to the relevant international standards to bespoke custom test development to meet your specific requirements. We aim to deliver comprehensive results, in a timely manner at a competitive rate.



With over 100 years of experience and expertise in rubber development, Avon Protection has placed itself at the forefront of rubber research. 

With a wealth of experience in undertaking innovative research and development projects, ranging from small individual programs for customers to large-scale multi-partner government-funded projects, we have the skills and expertise to construct and deliver material research to give our clients the answers they need.



Our experts' extensive knowledge and innovative research into rubber recycling has delivered ground breaking solutions that broaden the markets for recycled products, as well as increasing the yields, quality and value of rubber pyrolysis processes.

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