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TMC: tactical communications system

Designed for wearers of Avon Respiratory Protection Systems, the TMC tactical communications system is a range of accessories that enables users to connect their Avon respirators quickly and effectively to tactical radio communications equipment. The TMC range offers a simple to configure, install and use range of connectors, press to talk units, microphones and earpieces designed to provide the user with clear and safe communications while wearing an Avon respirator.

  • TMC tactical communications system accessories
  • Connects your tactical radio to the microphone mounted inside your Avon Respirator for clear and safe communications.
  • Provides seamless integration with Avon 50/53/54 series respirators.
  • Uncomplicated, robust and ergonomic design ensures quick setup / installation and ease of use.
  • Can be connected to 53/54 Series Voice Projection Unit (VPU) for simultaneous use of VPU and tactical radio equipment.
  • "Standard" pre-configured option available to provide out of the box solution for most widely used tactical radio transceivers.
  • TMC tactical communications system cables
  • Wide range of customization options available if a custom-made system is required.
  • Integrates with a wide range of other manufacturers existing Push To Talk (PTT) and headset solutions.
  • Can be used with Avon APR, SCBA and PAPR systems.
  • Will be the ONLY NIOSH approved respirator to radio communications accessory approved for use with the Avon FM53/54 and C50/PC50. (Approval 2022)

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